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PEEP Project Manager role


Scope of role: To assist the Trustees of Highland Perthshire Cycling (‘HPC’) and the executive committee of the Perthshire Ebike Enablement Partnership (‘PEEP’) in administrative aspects of the partnership. 


The PEEP webpage is


The Project Manager role reports to the HPC Trustee responsible for PEEP liaison.


Role Specifics: The role will include but is not limited to the following:

  • Arranging PEEP executive committee and stakeholder meetings

  • Taking minutes

  • Following up on actions

  • Researching and submitting funding grants

  • Liaising with stakeholders

  • Liaising with media


Skills required:

  • Strong Written and oral presentation skills

  • Strong Organisational capability

  • A Project Management mindset - SMART objective setting and management

  • Strong enthusiasm for the PEEP objectives and a self-starting attitude


Experience required:

  • Meeting organisation and minute-taking

  • Project Management

  • Funding application creation and submission

  • Media liaison


The PEEP PM role is funded for an initial part-time commitment of approximately 50 hours over three months. There is good scope for the role to be expanded in both time and duration beyond this initial scope, depending on further funding being obtained.



HPC (Registered Scottish Charity) will contract the PEEP Project Manager on a fixed-term contract with a set hourly rate, to be determined by negotiation commensurate with experience. Invoices clearly detailing the work carried out with approvals from a designated HPC trustee will be required. At no point is the position one of an employee.

HPC want to start the PEEP work as soon as possible. Please contact HPC Trustee Mike Stead with a resume and experience if you are interested in applying for this role.

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