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eBike charging across Highland Perthshire

HPC has installed a network of Bosch ebike charging stations across Highland Perthshire. 

The stations are provided by Highland Perthshire Cycling in Partnership with Bosch UK. The power is provided by your host venue - please thank them with your custom.


Highland Perthshire Cycling have installed chargers at the following locations:

Click HERE for a zoomable map of locations

For great off-road routes near or between these places, please visit

The chargers will work with any Bosch battery or battery adapter that takes a plug like this:

REMEMBER YOUR KEY to remove your battery from your bike, plug in and close the cabinet door

The fast charger will give you approximately 50% charge in one hour. If your battery is completely flat it could take up to three hours to fully charge.


Whilst the chargers are original Bosch ebike fast chargers and all care has been taken in the design and running of the station, the host venue, Highland Perthshire Cycling and Bosch UK accept no responsibility for any damage caused to or theft/loss of batteries during the charging process. 

Only genuine Bosch ebike batteries can be charged. Highland Perthshire Cycling is working on a project to install a network of universal ebike battery chargers in time for spring 2022.

We would love your feedback on your experience and how having ebike charging facilities will change your leisure and utility cycling behaviour. Please take a few minutes now or later to fill in our survey.

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